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About Us

Why Us?

Parties and events have their own personalities. Each one becomes unique as the event goes on. We work closely with our clients to make sure we understand their vision for the evening. 

We choose music and lighting to reflect that vision. As the event goes on, the feeling may change as people arrive or leave, or moods just change. 

We are experts in reading and reacting to the crowd! We have years of experience in the music and entertainment industry and that allows us to adjust our show accordingly to make sure your guests remain engaged and excited! 

We have the biggest and smartest light and FX show in town! Our LED wash lights change colors to set the mood and our moving fixture lights change colors and dance to programs to match the music! We can turn your dance floor into a night club! Lasers and smoke add to the experience as well!

​Your event may only be a few hours long, but we want people to talk about it for a long time!

Your event is NOT just another show to us!!! We understand how important this event it is to you!



"They may forget what you said -- but they will never forget how you made them feel." -- Carl W. Buehner

ARC Music was started with an intense desire to provide the BEST entertainment services at a fair price.

Whether this is your wedding reception or another event, you need this day to be special and memorable to your guests. Music is more than just something to dance or party to. Music stirs emotions and recalls memories. We want your guests to remember how YOU MADE THEM FEEL.