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June 2017

With our large intelligent lighting system, we also do lighting for concert performances! In June we were asked to provide lighting for "Exile On O Street" and their fundraiser for the Cornhusker Veterans! If you like the Rolling Stones, you will love this band! They play all of the hits from the Stones! They were fun to work with and we look forward to working with you in the future!

February 2017

Valentine's Day Special!!!

Love is in the air! We are excited to be able to continue to offer our $200 off any wedding package you schedule with us between Feb 1st and May 30th, 2017 for a date in 2017 or 2018!!!

If that special someone popped the question and you said yes, give us a call!!


May 2017

Congratulations to Amanda and Kenny on their wedding!! You, your family and friends were great to work with and a lot of fun!! You were a gorgeous couple and I hope you had an amazing honeymoon! Best wishes and have a great life together!

We also spent Sunday morning along the route of the Lincoln National Guard Marathon. I love watching the runners working to accomplish their goals! The most inspiring was a girl by the name of Connie. Connie was walking at the very back of the pack. The police car and course sweep vehicle were just behind her. I do not know what her motivation was, but she seemed very determined to finish the race. I bet she made it!

June 2017

Congratulations to Kayla and Chris on their wedding!! These two were an absolute joy to work with and watch at their reception! For the Bride and Groom Dance, Chris balanced Kayla on his chair for the entire song while moving around the dance floor! He was tired, but obviously he was so happy!! I also had a young helper - "B"-Man assisting me throughout the night! Thank you so much for choosing us to celebrate the day with you!

April 2017

"Bar Games"

From Karaoke to Trivia, Name That Tune and even BINGO! We have created some different games for our customers to keep guests entertained!

We can use one of the pre-made games and categories, or we can customize one just for your event!

Nov 9, 2016 Mid-week Maintenance

We  spend time each week making sure our equipment is safe and ready to perform. 

Recently, we manufactured a new bracket for hanging a light fixture. Although the original was rated and approved for the fixture, we felt better if it was a heavier. The new bracket is made with a double layer of heavy steel and double welded for safety. It could hold a car now instead of the 25 pound light!

Our primary light controller also had an issue with a switch. It still functioned perfectly but had been bent in transport. We pulled the controller apart to repair it to factory specs. We never want an equipment failure to negatively impact your event!

We also carry backup mixers, lights, controllers, computers and hard drives to make sure we can still operate in the unlikely event that something fails. This is part of what makes us the best choice for your event!

Nov 6, 2016   Good Life Halfsy

We had a great time setting up in two locations and motivating the volunteers and the runners during the Good Life Halfsy 1/2 Marathon! Congratulations to all the finishers and we will see you next year!!

July 2017

Two wonderful weddings and a block party!

First, Colin and Melana celebrated their wedding with friends and family who literally came from around the globe to celebrate with them! This multi-cultural party was amazing!! From the choreographed Father/Daughter Dance to the party that just kept going - this family was SO MUCH FUN!

Then we had a blast at the 2nd Annual Getting To Know You Meadowlane Block Party! Fabulous food, fun and swimming going on at the neighborhood pool!

At the end of July we celebrated the marriage of Phil and Samantha! Two great people with lots of love fr each other!

​Thanks to everyone for choosing to celebrate with us!

Sept 3, 2016        HUSKER TAILGATE - Opening Day!

Our first live event with the new subwoofer system! The good news is that it worked awesome and really added an extra dimension to the music. The bad news was the rain that always seemed to come at all the wrong moments. There was no rain in the forecast, but the skies were threatening so I packed the tarps and bags just in case. Unfortunately, I had not done a test fitting on the rain covers and they did not fit our new speakers. Our hosts had some over-sized trash bags that worked perfect though and the show went on! The rain did not curb any enthusiasm and it was fun watching people get crazy and dancing shirtless in the rain!!!!

Things calmed down during the game and the rain went away. We used the time to grab some food and set up our lighting system for the evening after game party!

Of course, the Huskers won and the party afterwards was insane. Huge thanks to Randy and Pam for hosting us! Hopefully we can make another game before the season ends!

 Holiday Special!! 

 We know Santa brings a lot of engagement rings at Christmas!

Our gift to you is $200 off our regular packages for any wedding reserved between now and February 1, 2017!!!!!!

​Call and reserve your date today!! 402-560-3512.

March 2017


We have expanded our speaker system!!

This means we can play in bigger rooms with more people!


We can spread the sound a large area more evenly without having to be louder!

We've also added waterproof covers so we can set up for your outdoor reception, even if there is a chance of rain! Who said a little rain has to spoil a good party!

From time to time we like to share our experiences, insights, or helpful hints with you!! Please check back on occasion to hear what we have to say.