Premium DJ entertainment for your event!

Your Wedding Day!!!

This is one of THE most important days of your life!!!

You want this day to be remembered for all the right reasons.


We take the time to meet with you and make sure we have a clear vision of what you want at your reception. What announcements and dances you want, which songs you like and don't like, or maybe Aunt Betty has that special song she loves to hear - we plan WITH you! We also stay in touch and verify things several times before the big day.

Then we take it from there!!

We like to view what we do as a "performance". We create different moods and atmospheres by reading the crowd and reacting to what they do and do not enjoy. Every bride, groom, parents, wedding party and guests are different and we respond to that. After all, this is your special day! We treat it special and make the night uniquely yours!!

And don't worry if plans change as the day goes on!! (They usually do!!!) We understand that pictures might take a little longer or the limo ride may have a detour. Sometimes dinner just takes a little bit more time. We are there for you on your day. We are not going to pull the plug or charge extra just because the planned schedule is a little off. The last thing we want you to worry about is a time frame! Relax and have fun! This is your day and we have your back! Let's party!